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General Use Batteries

  • CR2016 Battery

    Kinetik CR2016 Battery

    CR2016 Battery Boost your digital camera's power with this Kinetik CR2016 battery. This versatile lithium coin cell battery from a trusted brand also fits other common small electronics such as watches and medical devices. Single-unit packaging lets you...

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  • CR2025 Battery

    Kinetik CR2025 Battery

    CR2025 Battery Keep your collection of watches and tiny remotes charged and ready to go with this Kinetik coin cell lithium battery. This coin cell Kinetik coin cell lithium battery works with most small electronic devices that take button cells, and...

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  • CR2032 Battery

    Kinetik CR2032 Battery

    CR2032 Battery Power watches, cameras and medical devices with this versatile Kinetik CR2032 battery. You can rely on this coin cell battery to keep small electronic devices up and running. This single-unit Kinetik CR2032 battery lets you buy only the...

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  • CR123A Battery

    Kinetik CR2123A Battery

    CR123A Battery Power up your camera with this Kinetik CR123A battery. This lithium-based batteries is lightweight, resistant to extreme temperatures and provide long-lasting power so you can take more pictures and worry less about battery life. This...

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  • AAA Kinetik Batteries 50 Pack

    AAA Kinetik Batteries 50 Pack

    AAA Kinetik Batteries 50 Pack Keep your home electronics functional with this 50-pack of Kinetik AAA alkaline batteries. They give more life to your devices, and the silver coating makes them easy to spot in your cabinet. Stock up on necessities like...

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  • AA Kinetik Batteries 50 Pack

    AA Kinetik Batteries 50 Pack

    AA Kinetik Batteries 50 Pack Power your home devices with this 50-pack of Kinetik AA alkaline batteries. Clocks won't run slow and your alarm won't fail when you have a steady supply of batteries on hand. Enjoy the reliability of the Kinetik brand, and...

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  • D Kinetik Batteries 12 Pack

    D Kinetik Batteries 12 Pack

    D Kinetik Batteries 12 Pack Make sure high-drain devices have enough power with this 12-pack of Kinetik D batteries. These alkaline batteries power large flashlights, boom boxes and items with electric motors that drain power quickly due to their heavy...

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  • 9v Kinetik Batteries 12 Pack

    9V Kinetik Batteries 12 Pack

    9v Kinetik Batteries 12 Pack Supply power to alarms and other high-voltage battery-operated devices with these Kinetik 9V batteries. The alkaline chemistry is free from mercury and cadmium to help ensure environmental friendliness while delivering...

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