Guide Santa To Stockings & Cookies

20th Dec 2014

The word on the street is that Santa Claus is coming to town. No matter where you live, or if you have been naughty or nice, Santa and his nine beautiful reindeer led by Rudolph will be coming to your home to give you either coal or charming presents, whichever you deserve. What if Santa can’t find his way around your home while you are all sleeping? Where will your coal or presents go?

A great way to lead Santa to your Christmas tree and stockings over your wood burning fire, is with an amazing and high quality track lighting kit from Light House Supply. With a track lighting kit installed right above your toasty fireplace, there is no way Santa will be able to miss filling your stockings with festive gifts for all! Most of our track lighting kits have 3 to 5 spotlights on them, which means that you can spotlight each and every one of the stockings you have hanging on the mantle. There is no way that Santa can miss your colorful stocking with spotlights on them.

Another fun way that you can guide Santa around your home while you’re sleeping, is by installing one our bright track lighting kits in the kitchen, so that you can spotlight the cookies and milk you left for him on the kitchen table. Be sure not to forget about Rudolph and his brothers outside though, we hear that they love celery and carrots to keep stay fueled throughout the night! What are you waiting for? Guide Santa throughout your home with our amazing selection of track lighting kits, and order yours online now!