Light Up Your Photo Shoot

19th Feb 2015

What is it that you are passionate about? If you are someone who loves to take photos, maybe it’s time that you start thinking about turning a bedroom or basement into a studio of your own! Take pictures any time you want with the perfect studio set up. You’ll need to get different props like backdrops, chairs and accessories, but have you thought about the lighting that you’ll need?

Track lighting kits make for the perfect studio lighting! In fact, because we know that you are so passionate about photography, here are some great facts about lighting that you should keep in mind when using track lighting kits for your light source during photo shoots.

  • The more broad the light is on the subject you're taking photos of, the softer light you’ll get. The more narrow the light source, the harder the light will appear on your subject.
  • Did you know that diffusion will scatter the light. That’s why when you see clouds drift in front of the sun, the light will be softer.
  • You can also get diffused light by bouncing light off of the subjects you’re photographing. By using a matte reflector, you’ll get this effect.
  • The farther away the light is from what you’re photographing, the dimmer your subject will be. The light in a sense “falls off” of what you’re photographing.

If you want to try some of these techniques in your very own home studio, start shopping for your track lighting it today! Choose from many different styles online now!